LawArXiv is a free, open access, nonprofit, pre and post-print repository for scholarly legal content. It is owned and maintained by members of the legal community.

The repository was developed by three law library consortia and an academic lead institution:

The Center for Open Science serves as the technology partner and hosts through the Open Science Framework.  Administrative and leadership support is provided in partnership with the Cornell Law Library.

To learn more about LawArXiv's Mission, Objectives, and Governence structure, please visit our About Page .

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Two Year Anniversary Highlights

LawArXiv had 1,028 articles on the date of its two-year anniversary (May 8, 2019). Additionally, articles in LawArXiv had been downloaded 149,824 times and viewed by users in over 11 countries.

​One Year Anniversary

On May 8, 2018, the date of its one year anniversary, the LawArXiv repository had 689 articles.  It remains the only non-commercial repository for legal scholarship.

LawArXiv Webinar Recording

Legal Information Preservation Alliance (LIPA) hosted a webinar on April 27, 2017 for Preservation Week focusing on LawArXiv. The webinar highlights the importance of open access repositories and the features of the LawArXiv platform. A recording of the webinar is available to view.

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Two Year Anniversary Report

LawArXiv Wins AALL's 2018 Innovations in Technology Award

One Year Anniversary Report

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